You are at Chairman of Vibgyor High School Bangalore arrested

Chairman of Vibgyor High School Bangalore arrested

Bangalore The police have arrested the chairman of the Bangalore school where a six-year-old was raped earlier this month, allegedly by a skating instructor who was arrested over the weekend.

Angry parents and activists in Bangalore have been demanding action against the management of the private Vibgyor International School - they point out that the arrested teacher, a man named Mustafa, 32, had been sacked three years ago by another school for "gross misconduct." 

The management of Vibgyor have been accused of not conducting any background checks when hiring Mustafa in 2011. The police say his seized laptop and mobile phone were loaded with child pornography.

Rustam Kerawalla, the chairman of the school, lives outside Bangalore; he was arrested this morning from Daman, for allegedly concealing information and destroying evidence.  

Mr Kerawalla faced protests by angry parents who last week tore down the school gate and stormed his office, accusing the school of failing to protect their children.

The school has remained closed since the horrific crime was reported by the child's mother, who says her daughter was assaulted on July 2. The Vibgyor School management will meet parents today to discuss the school's reopening. 

Bangalore Police Commissioner MN Reddi said, "The school will reopen next Monday. We are trying to normalize the situation so that children don't suffer." 

In a post on Facebook this week, the school where the arrested teacher worked earlier, wrote that Mustafa, who has a three-year-old daughter, was sacked because he touched girls inappropriately despite repeated warnings.

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