You are at Andhra & Telangana police Clash at Sagar dam!

Andhra & Telangana police Clash at Sagar dam!

AP and Telangana Police clash at Sagar

Sharing of water at Nagarjuna Sagar dam is slowly turning into a controversy between the Telangana and Andhra Pradesh governments. The ongoing fight between the two states have reached climax when the irrigation department officials and police of both states have clashed with each other at the right crust gates control room of the dam.

Few days before Telangana government has ordered to stop releasing of water from the right gates to the AP state and officials have locked the control room of right crust gates. Farmers from Guntur and Prakasam district are complaining of crops getting dried due to the lack of water and AP govt ordered to open the gates. As the AP irrigation officials along with some police reached the dam gates to release the water, the Telangana police prevented them, resulting in a mild scuffle.

AP officials accompanied by Gurajala DSP and some police officials have broken the locks and released the water from right canal. On the other side, irrigation department officials of both states discussing the matter . AP govt is planning to approach Centre on the issue. Andhra Pradesh is demanding 6 Lakh Cusecus water from Right Canal immediately.Meanwhile tension prevailed at the Nagarjuna Sagar Dam as the police of both the states were deployed in large number on both sides of the dam.

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