You are at Capital Speculation Favours Tullur Boys!

Capital Speculation Favours Tullur Boys!

December month (Magha) is auspicious for conducting marriages. This December is very special for AP would become capital Tullur. Many men in the village have left with unmarried though they have acres of agriculture land on their own. Brides prefer job holder to agricultural land owner is the reason behind that. But announcing the capital in Tullur has change the fate of many young men. Now the situation has changed. Parents of bride want Tullur boys for their daughters. Parents of bride have rushed towards Tullur for selecting in-laws to their daughters. Many of them feel that agriculture has become gambling due to that boys were not getting married. 

Now all the boys in Tullur turned to be rich men all the sudden because of the demand for their lands. Parents of the girl feel proud that their in-law living in 1000 sq.yard living area. They contacted marriage bureau offices for proper matches in Tullur. Many marriages will be occurred in Tullur, Tadikonda, Tadepalli, Pedakurapadu, and Amaravathy areas in this December. Capital announcement has changed their fate.

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