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Know about Osama bin laden’s love life, how his wives used to fight over sex

New Delhi: The living threat to humankind Osama-bin Laden is not alive, but his relatives and his acts have left behind innumerous stories about him.It’s been three years after US forces shot him dead in Abottabad in an operation.There were not much information about Osama while he was alive than we have now when he is dead.Rising around the media are all dead stories which are now being sold in market as interesting news.

The book ‘Growing Up bin Laden: Osama's Wife and Son Take Us Inside Their Secret World’ gives a tour inside Osama’s real personal life with the inputs of his sons and wives.
Firstly, Osama was in deep love with his first wife Najwa Bin. The reason being, she was the first love of his life whom he knew before their marriage.Osama fell for Najwa when she was 15 and he was 17-year-old.It is said that Najwa’s mother was against the marriage as she didn’t wanted her to leave Syria and go to Saudi Arabia.
It has also been revealed that how Najwa sustained in such harsh conditions of Afghanistan only for Osama’s love.

Najwa was forced to deliver babies and Osama did not allow her to use things like electricity and gas stove. She had to give up painting, cycling and tennis.During his lifetime, Osama married six women.His youngest wife Amal Abdulfateh (29) had a desire to settle in Britain along with her five children.To note, Amal was also accompanying Osama when he was shot at in Abottabad and even she got injured during the operation.

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