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Ranji shock: Gambhir clashes with Tiwary, shoves umpire


A Ranji Trophy Match between Delhi & Bengal led to an ugly on-field spat between the captains of both the teams. This incident happened during the Second Innings of Bengal.

Soon after the fall of first wicket, Manoj Tiwary came into bat wearing a cap and he stopped the bowler Manan Sharma just before the bowling to ask for a helmet. Getting to the conclusion that he was deliberately wasting time, The bowler got into a verbal spat with Bengal Captain and at one point Gambhir threatened to beat up him after exchange of angry words.

Gambhir warned: 'Shaam ko mil tujhe maroonga' (I will hit you in the evening).

Tiwary reaction: -'Shaam ko kya, abhi bahar chal' (Why wait till evening, let's go out and settle everything now itself).

After this retort, Gambhir charged towards Manoj Tiwary with his fists raised and Umpire had to stop him.

There were even allegations that Gambhir pushed Umpire K Srinath away when he tried to intervene. However, The Delhi Skipper denied misbehaving with the on-field Umpire.

Match Referre slashed 70% of Gambhir's match fee and 40% of Manoj Tiwary's match fee.

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