You are at Telangana Engineers not willing to go Telangana!

Telangana Engineers not willing to go Telangana!

Division of the officers at zonal level started in Irrigation department. AP Government decided to send 301 engineers to Telangana where as 133 engineers were come to AP from Telangana. 

All these engineers were jointly worked at different projects in United Andhra Pradesh. Kamalanathan Committee gave its recommendations on division of the employees at state level but in Zonal level.   

AP born engineers have worked in Zone-5 and Zone 6 in Telangana. They requested AP government to deploy in irrigation department for their state. AP government turned down their request. All these have reported in Telangana Irrigation department. There are some senior engineers like SE, EE and DEE transferred from AP to TG.   

All these were promoted to SE, EE and DEE temporarily. Now they have to go to telangana state. They feared because of their promotions were cancelled. In Telangana Irrigation department there are 20 EE posts are vacant but there are 33 EEs have transferred to Telangana from AP. 13 EEs would have to worked in DEE position which is demotion to them. AP Government is not willing to continue them in AP because of limitations in positions.

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