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Tamil Nadu Opinion Poll 2016 Prediction: Lacks Clarity!

Tamil Nadu Exit Polls has only confused the people instead of giving a clear picture on whom among AIADMK & DMK would form the Government. While C-Voter favored Jayalalithaa's AIADMK, India Today & News Nation predicted Alliance led by DMK will have an upper hand over AIADMK.

Tamil Nadu Exit Polls 2016 Results: 235 Assembly Seats

C-Voter: AIADMK: 139 Seats, DMK: 78 Seats, BJP: 0 Seats, Others: 17 Seats.

India Today: DMK: 132 Seats, AIADMK: 95 Seats, BJP: 1 Seats, Others: 6 Seats.

News Nation: DMK: 116 Seats, AIADMK: 97 Seats, BJP: 1 Seat, Others: 20 Seats.

Predictions of India Today & News Nation came as a big shock to people across the Country as majority of them anticipated that Jayalalithaa might retain power due to the Amma-brand schemes. So, People have to wait till the counting day to know whether or not Amma retains power.

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