You are at December 23rd -Verdict Day for Satyam employees!

December 23rd -Verdict Day for Satyam employees!

December 23rd - Big day for Satyam employees

Satyam was one of those IT gaints till some years back. The picture completely changed when Satyam CEO Ramalinga Raju Got Arrested for showing falsfiying revenues and margins.

Following to that, employees of Satyam landed in trouble as their employment with Satyam was not guaranteed. Later Mahindra took over the company and developing in its own standards.

Now after six years of this development, Court has decided to come up with a verdict on Satyam's employees run with company. December 23rd is the day and all those old employees of satyam waiting for it. 

Lets hope Court will come up with a simple verdict which will benifit the employees.

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