You are at 1 Lakh Fine for Bones In Veg Food

1 Lakh Fine for Bones In Veg Food

The jewel of pride for the Indian railways is the Rajdhani Express and this superfast train has brought relief to frequent commuters of long distances. However, if you are a vegetarian then better to check your food before you eat. Recently, a 65 year old passenger Tikamchand Jain had an experience.

He was traveling from Delhi on September 19th and had ordered for vegetarian food. On opening the packet, he felt there could be bones in the food and much to his shock, there were bones in the vegetarian curry he was given. He immediately brought it to the notice of the catering manager and wrote a complaint to the head office.

As a result, the railway authorities have slapped a fine of one lakh rupees to the caterer who was incharge of food that day. The complaint has been taken very seriously. A similar incident took place in Goa Express sometime back when a cockroach was discovered in soup and the caterer was fined one lakh rupees.

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