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Speakers call for effective implementation of reservations


The debate on Dasa- Disa programme organised by HMTV here at Rangaraya Medical College Auditorium on Saturday discussed the burning issue of caste and castes in the society. Several speakers strongly advocated for continuation of reservations in a more effective way, while others called upon the youth to play an active role in the development of caste-less society.

The speakers advocated for consideration of social and educational backwardness as a criteria while giving reservations. Youth, who actively took part in the debate, mentioned the incidents that happened at Hyderabad Central University and JNU in Delhi. It is notable to see that girl students participated actively in huge numbers and were quire frank in giving their no holds barred opinions.

Coordinating the discussions Dr Jayaprakash Narayan observed that the reservations should be implemented in an effective way to reach the needy and felt that the caste factor cannot be removed overnight from the Indian society. He expressed anguish over the implications that are being felt on society due to polticising the caste in elections. He quoted that amount to the tune of Rs 1,500 crore was spent in the recently concluded Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation polls.

A B Tech graduate from Vizag, Chilakala Malakonda strongly felt that the caste system should be eliminated from the society. Another B Tech student Ravi Varma observed that India is a rich country with poor people and unless the social and economic equalities are curtailed, we cannot develop. Srilekha, a student felt that income should be considered as criteria for reservations. Rajahmundry city MLA Akula Satyanarayana, former MLA Kurasala Kannababu, and representatives of various political and civil society organisations also took part in the debate.

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