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Chiranjeevi Condemned The Arrest Of Mudragada

Former Union Minister Chiranjeevi released an open letter on Saturday faulting the approach of TDP Government to suppress the Kapu movement. He alleged AP Government is dealing the Kapu reservation issue in an objectionable manner and trying to divide the Kapus. 'Chandrababu has been behaving like he lacked the political maturity to deal with a sensitive issue,' he commented, apart from accusing AP CM of holding grudge against Mudragada Padmanabham.

Chiru opined arrested in connection with Tuni violence has been one-sided. 'When Tuni incident happened, Chandrababu declared that people of Godavari districts weren't involved in the violence. Now, How could he defend the arrests happening in Konaseema?,' he questioned. At the same time, Chiranjeevi demanded Government to identify the anti-social elements behind Tuni violence and punish them. He asked for CBI probe into the Tune violence and lambasted State Government for stalling the broadcast of few News Channels.

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