You are at Modi announces Rs.80,000-cr package for J&K

Modi announces Rs.80,000-cr package for J&K


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday took part in a rally at the Sher-i-Kashmir stadium in Shrinagar and ofcource graced the state with a heavy package of love. It's his first Visit to the state after BJP-PDP coalition government came to power in Kashmir. Modi announced a 80,000 cr rupee package for the upliftment of the Jammu and Kasmir Youth and for the development of state. He said it's just the beginning. He also promised them a 34,000 cr worth Jammu- Srinagar Highway that would make the interstate transit fastest ever.

Narendra Modi had a lot of love and desires for the state that he shared with the gathering there. He said the treasure of Delhi is for them and his heart too is with them. He made sure to show the people of Kashmir that they mattered to him more than diwali celebrations in Delhi and he wished for J&K to shape up as a modern state and regain its charisma as India's favourite tourism destination.

On the contrary to his love for Jammu and Kashmir the common man of Andhra Pradesh state is left wondering if Modi lacks love for the state or is it just the sheer negligence of the centre toward the Capital deprived state of Andhra Pradesh.

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