You are at Rs 150 Crore Liquor Sales : New Year Eve in AP

Rs 150 Crore Liquor Sales : New Year Eve in AP

A whopping Rs 150 Crore is spent on alcohol in the successor state of Andhra Pradesh on the eve of New Year. The figures indicate that the sales of alcohol on Dec 31, 2014 and Jan 1, 2015 in AP alone accounts for Rs 150 Crore. Excise department authorities confirmed the figures and stated that more than Rs 150 Crore would be spent. Whereas last year in the undivided state of AP (AP & Telangana) the total sales were pegged at Rs 200 Crore.

Usually in the 13 districts of AP, Rs 700 Crore is earned per month towards the sale of alcohol. It means on a day, over Rs 23 Crore is spent on liquor in AP. But on Dec 31 and Jan 1, the sales of alcohol are eleven times more than the sales on regular days.

Especially, the sale of alcohol was huge in Vizag, Vijayawada and Guntur districts. While Srikakulam, Vizianagaram recorded lowest in sales, the increase in sales is seen more in Prakasm, Nellore and districts of Rayalaseema. Only in these three districts over Rs 50 Crore sales were recorded. Meanwhile, liquor traders expected the demand in sales and stored the stock in advance keeping the demand for New Year and Sankranthi. 

On whole, AP government is expecting total revenue of Rs 15,000 Crore from alcohol in this year. Whereas liquor traders say that the revenue would be much more than the government figures.

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