You are at Jolt to YSR Congress as another Two MLA joins TDP

Jolt to YSR Congress as another Two MLA joins TDP


Even before he recovered from the rude shock given by 6 of his party's MLAs who defected to the TDP, YSRCP president YS Jagan has just faced two more sudden jolts when the party's Kodumur MLA Mani Gandhi and Pathapatnam MLA Kalamata Venkataramana announced that they will be joining TDP.

While Mani Gandhi is all set to join TDP today, Venkataramana has set the March 4 muhurtham to return to his home base, TDP. Yesterday, Mani Gandhi reached Vijayawada to make all the arrangements to join the yellow bandwagon in Babu's presence today.

Incidentally, Mani Gandhi and Venkataramana were among the 10 MLAs who were absent in the YSRCP legislature meeting which was chaired by Jagan at Lotus Pond on Monday. On the other hand, all of Jagan's efforts in stopping his MLAs from crossing over to TDP are going in vain.

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