You are at Gandhi Hospital doctors Too affected with Swine Fl...

Gandhi Hospital doctors Too affected with Swine Flu

The total death toll of patients who succumbed to H1N1 rose to 5 by  Tuesday evening.

Two junior doctors at Gandhi Hospital were confirmed to be suffering with H1N1. Their blood samples have tested positive.

All junior doctors have been asked to wear masks and gloves before attending to patients. Due to the increasing number of cases, government and private hospitals are asking relatives, attendants and visitors to wear masks when they visit the hospital.

Junior doctors, who have been treating suspected H1N1 cases, are also being told to wear masks. A junior doctor said, “As there is a shortage of beds, the Acute Medical Ward in Gandhi Hospital has been converted into a swine flu ward where the suspected patients are kept.

For a day, these patients were there in the ward along with other cardiology, neurology and even other immuno-compromised patients.

There was a chance of infection spreading. So from now, only the suspected cases will be kept in the Acute Medical Ward. Doctors have to wear masks, apron and gloves when they enter this ward.”

Due to the large number of patients in government hospitals, all leaves of doctors have been cancelled and they have been asked be on duty till 8.30 pm everyday.

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