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South Korea To Develop Tourism Resorts Along Srikakulam Coast

A group of beach resort companies of South Korea have decided to develop tourism resorts along coastline in Srikakulam. Feasibility study was initiated by Hansung University situated at Seoul, capital city of South Korea. An associate professor of the university Kwang Joon Ahn started visiting of important locations along sea coast in the district with support of True Light Mission and Junior Chamber International representatives Chikkala Prasanth and Natukula Mohan.

Srikakulam has 193-km-long sea coast covering 11 mandals where resources are good to start beach resorts to develop tourism. In the wake of Central government's proposal to lay roads along sea coast in all states (Sagara Maala) beach resorts industry will get boost. As part of it, South Korea is showing its eagerness to start resorts in Srikakulam, which is safe place for investments.

“As part improvement of relationship with AP state in India, we decided to start two courses in Korean language in BR Ambedkar University (BRAU) in Srikakulam from next academic year for three months and one year duration to make up locals to run beach resorts along sea coast," Hansung University professor Kwang Joon Ahn told 'the Media.

“We visited beaches at Dibbalapalem, S Matsyalesam, Kalingapatnam, Baruva, Bhavanapadu, Mogadalapadu and Sivasagar in the district and sites are beautiful and feasible for resorts," he said. “I will submit my observation and feasibility report to beach resort companies of South Korea. Experts' team will visit Srikakulam in April third week and finalise guidelines," he added.

Srikakulam has longest sea coast in AP where pollution-free climate available and good resources are available including dedicated man power and beach resort industries will flourish, said district tourism promotion officer (DTPO) Nadiminti Narayana Rao.ister," he said.

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