You are at Al Qaeda Warning Modi

Al Qaeda Warning Modi

After claiming responsibility for the suicide bombing at the Wagah border Pakistan Taliban groups targeted Indian prime minister Modi. In its attack at Wagah border the death toll reached to 60 people leaving another 110 people injured.  Modi who tweeted a message on condemning this act triggered issuance of warning from  Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, a splinter group of the Pakistani Taliban.

Both the groups took on Modi for Gujarat riots and threatened him to kill. Taliban organization took on Modi in Twitter caused uproar in intelligence circles. Reuters which described the incident as "It appears the bomber wanted to target ground zero where Pakistan and India border officials stand together to perform the flag ceremony but he could not enter due to tight security on the last gate. Had he managed to reach the place, there would have been the worst scenario at both sides". Now TT spokes person Ehsanullah Ehsan issued a warning message to Modi in English: "You (Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi) are the killer of hundreds of Muslims. We Will take the revenge of innocent people of Kashmir and Gujarat".

According to reports Indian intelligence and security set-up is keeping its fingers crossed over the next possible moves of terror outfits. As Modi already in threat from various parties creating tension to IB and RAW.

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