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Dictator angry over TDP MLA


Bhanu Prakash a TDP activist and an ex-corporator, being a Balayya's fan who is expecting GHMC ticket went to Balakrishna seeking support from him. As we all know the Balakrishna's generosity in helping others, so he called Serilingampally TDP MLA Gandhi, but he didn't respond to the call. So he tried again, he got the same response.

Irritated Balakrishna called Gandhi from another MLA's number but this time, he picked the call and he was red-faced to know the Balakrisha at another end. Already irritated Balayya busted him like anything regarding his irresponsible behavior. And then Balayya ordered him to give the GHMC ticket to Bhanu Prakash. Explaining his version Gandhi said that during the general assembly elections in 2014 Bhanu Prakash covertly supported opposition candidate and also he is not in good terms with local TTDP cadre.

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