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My Son Is Innocent: Ex-CBI chief

Denying any involvement of his son in the multi-crore loan default case booked by the CBI, former director of the agency K. Vijayarama Rao on Wednesday said that his son will come out clean since he was innocent. The CBI had booked a case against Mr Rao's son Srinivas Kalyan Rao and others for duping banks after taking loans for their company 'Best and Crompton Engineering Projects'.

Speaking to the media here, Mr Rao, who recently resigned from the TD and joined the TRS, said he has decided to defend his son in the case since he sure of his innocence. “I am not speaking like a former CBI director, but as the father of an accused. I have come across several such cases in the past; my son is not involved. I think somebody deliberately drew him into the case," he said.

He said CBI is a premier investigating agency of the country and he was not ready to speak anything on the nature of its investigation into his son's case. “I am not here to accuse CBI or doubt its investigation. I have full respect for the CBI. I am not going to criticise the agency, but as a father I know my son and his nature. I can tell you he is 100 per cent innocent and will come out clean either during investigation or by the court," Mr Rao said.

Stating that he was defending his son after going through the search proceedings, he said that he did not want to name any one as the person who implicated his son in the case. “It's a fact that the CBI has filed a case against my son. They have made certain allegations, but one need not believe that whatever the agency says in its preliminary report would be correct. Sometimes, based on suspicion alone, cases will be booked. However, proving them in a court of law is the most important aspect in an investigation," Mr Rao said.

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