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BJP Union Minister blames KCR, TRS for ISIS activity in Hyd


Telangana Rashtra Samithi was a weak party in GHMC limits. This was an old story before the 2014 elections. After coming to ruling, they dragged most of the senior leaders from other parties in the region to their party. Now, TRS has become strong party and polls surveys came in favor of the party. BJP leaders today made strong remarks on TRS party which gave enough boost up to the party workers before going onto the GHMC elections.

BJP senior leader and Central Minister Hansraj Gangaram Ahir was chief guest at the party's new office inauguration in Nallakunta. After launching the office, Hansaraj has brutally attacked TRS party. "IS terrorism is there in Hyderabad because of TRS party. The party is indirectly encouraging the terrorism.

Due to lack of job opportunities, youth is stepping towards terrorism. While the entire nation is worshiping Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, CM K Chandrasekhar Rao and his government is admiring the Nizams," insisted Hansraj Gangaram. BJP Telangana President Kishan Reddy also fired on KCR's government. "Hyderabad's condition is becoming worse ever since TRS came to ruling. Garbage dumps are not regularly cleaned.

CM's two bed rooms pledge is limited to flexis. They also promised to give at least one job for a family, which isn't fulfilled yet. We are surely going to win in the GHMC elections," asserted Kishan Reddy. When local BJP leaders in awkward conditions couldn't target TRS, Hansraj Gangaram's speech has provided sufficient consolation to the party activists.

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