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Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale Riddled With Problems

Monday is supposed to be Flipkart's big day with its Big Billion Day Sale - an online sale that has been advertised ad nauseum on TV, in print and online. Unfortunately, in what is becoming an all too familiar story, the sale seems to be riddled with problems.

Before the sale even began, controversy gathered as people noticed that the prices of some of the products were being raised back to the MRP instead of the actual selling price - to better pad the size of the deal on offer.

Worse still is that now that the deals have started, Flipkart is struggling to keep up with the demand. Products are sold out in a matter of seconds, which shows just how limited the sales really are. But perhaps the bigger issue is the number of technical problems users are facing, much like the screenshot we took (shown above).

Flipkart has grown steadily in India and recently raised $1 billion in funding. It's been a steady march forward starting by selling books and then slowly adding more categories, before transitioning into a digital marketplace for a number of reasons. In many ways, this has mirrored Amazon's trajectory, but in the last couple of months, we've seen signs that the company is struggling to keep up with itself.

We reached out to Flipkart for comment on the problems with Monday's sale, but did not receive a response until this story was filed. We'll update this article as and when we receive anything.

When the Xiaomi Mi 3 launched in India, the company launched using a flash sale model. This is the model that it uses in other parts of the world, to great success. When Xiaomi chose to use this model in India however, it partnered with Flipkart, and many people can attest to the frustration involved in trying to buy one of those phones.

If you look at Twitter today, you'll see a very similar pattern emerging.

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