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Why Pawan Respects Indira Gandhi, KCR and CPI(M)?

In his recent interview, Pawan Kalyan clarified all the doubts raised by Critics post the public meeting at Kakinada. Have a look at some of the interesting ones...

Q) Continuing as One Man Army in Jana Sena party.

Pawan Kalyan: Its an internal issue, can't disclose the details. We have leaders and cadre, will come out at the right time.

Q) Depending on Event Managers for Public Meetings

Pawan Kalyan: Any political party should rope Event Managers for holding meetings. Party leaders and cadre can't do it.

Q) Praises on Indira Gandhi

Pawan Kalyan: Leaders need to stick to a particular Ideology. They shouldn't change them as per their convenience. I respect Indira Gandhi, KCR and CPM for remaining firm on the stand they have taken.

Q) You gave Congress Hatao call 2 years ago. Will you say BJP-TDP hatao if Special Status wasn't accorded?

Pawan Kalyan: I would surely fight for the people. I don't know if I would win or lose.

Q) Future Plans

Pawan Kalyan: I have my own thought process. Will decide what to do based on the political developments.

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