You are at Thalli Telangana Party By Vijayashanthi!

Thalli Telangana Party By Vijayashanthi!

CM KCR seems to have a tough time facing the opposition parties. At the time of the Telangana movement, KCR has been the leader to the movement and now graded as the Father of Telangana. However, even Vijayashanthi got some attention as a lady leader.

But did not get so much craze as KCR got. As promised before, that if Congress declares Telangana the TRS is ready to merge with Congress but TRS party gave a shock to Congress. But Vijayashanthi has deeply felt bad and immediately joined Congress keeping her word.

Now, after she lost her craze she may come back with Thalli Telangana Party and stand as a force against KCR. But does she have that potential? Can she be capable of creating any kind of tremors in the present political situation? However, TDP and Congress are playing an important opposition party in the state. So, what do you think? Is the competition for KCR growing? Does this indicate that KCR is going stronger? Let's see if she can do something.

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