You are at Konda Surekha upset with KCR,leaving TRS

Konda Surekha upset with KCR,leaving TRS

Konda Surekha resigning from TRS

Adding to strength to speculations Konda Surekha who expressed her dissatisfaction on denial of cabinet berth finalising her career plans with TRS. Konda Surekha and her husband had met with KCR today morning in cm camp office to discuss on their political path. The meeting for attention from party followers and from other political circles.

Surekha was the one of the main aspirant in recent cabinet expansion had removed from the list in last minute. In a surprise KCR welcomed TDP leaders Thalasani and Thummala giving shock to Surekha and other main aspirants. Surekha tried to meet KCR on the day of expansion had failed to get appointment. Now it's came to know that Surekha quite angry on loosing the opportunity checking alternative ways. If nothing goes well she is preparing to resign from TRS. But according to sources KCR who shown empty hand to Surekha trying hard to cool down now offering MLC to her husband. Let's see how Surekha will respond this offer.

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