You are at High Court Shock to Telangana Govt!

High Court Shock to Telangana Govt!

T-'FAST' Is Against The Spirit Of Nationality

In a major set back to Telangana government, the High Court of Judicature at Hyderabad for the both new states AP and Telangana has made sensational comments. Probing on petition filed against Telangana government's GO on FAST (Financial Assistance to Students of Telangana), the High Court on Monday opined that the GO is against to the spirit of nationality and is "favouring" the ideology of "separation".

The court opined that the move is not in favour of the backward students from "poor" states like Orissa. It stated that the GO would prevent students from other states to come to Telangana for education. Reacting to it, Telangana government replied that it has accorded powers only to chalk out regulations but nothing concrete has been decided on this so far. The further investigation on the issue has been postponed to next month after Pongal holidays.

The blunt opinion of High Court on T-government's GO is definitely a major jolt. With this sudden jerk from High Court, T-govt. is now caught in two minds and planning to come up with some sort of "cover up".

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