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Shivaramakrishnan Committee to give Capital Report by August

Capital Report by August end

The Shivaramakrishnan Committee, which has been receiving requests from all districts for choice of new new capital for Andhra Pradesh, will submit its final report to Center by th end of August and AP would get huge funds for installation of the capital of their choice.

Shivaramakrishnan Committee which is touring the Prakasam district on Sunday was requested by locals led by minister Sidha Raghav Rao to set up the capital in the Vatican lands of 22,000 acres and that the district has all the where with all, water, and power and manpower (construction workers) to complete the work in record time.

The committee members interacted with over 300 persons and received 150 memorandums and most wanted the capital to be either in Ongole or in Vijayawada belt. 'The capital should be less than 300 kms, an over night journey from any corner of the new state' many civilian members demanded.

The committee members said the govt should control land cost which would make the project more economical and also feasible as huge infrastructure of more than 5 million sft of built up area will be required if the capital is chosen at one spot. 'It is advisory that the many govt departments could be spread over coast and Rayalaseema and onoly few key departments are located in one spot' the committee suggested.

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