You are at Adopt Khadi For Nation, For Fashion: PM To Youth

Adopt Khadi For Nation, For Fashion: PM To Youth

On the eve of the Handloom day today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi yesterday called upon the youth of the country to make use of e-platform to boost the sale of khadi and handloom products to change the face of village economy. The Prime Minister also stressed that villages should not be allowed to die as they were the soul of India.

"Khadi was once a symbol of the freedom movement, and now your motto should be "khadi for nation and khadi for fashion,'' Mr Modi said and underlined the importance of upgrade and modernisation of the handloom sector. "Sell these poor's products at e-platform to transform the face of villages," he said at a town hall event on completion of two years of MyGov.

He said his government had launched the Rurban(Rural-Urban) Mission under which urban facilities would be provided in rural areas. "We want urban amenities in villages, but we do not want that villages should lose their identity. We should not let villages die as it is that the should of India resides,'' Mr Modi said. The Prime Minister in this context stressed that development of the agriculture by abandoning traditional ways and adopting scientific methods was a must to save village economy.

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