You are at New Groom's Crazy Invitation For His First Night!

New Groom's Crazy Invitation For His First Night!

Mad creativity: Surendra's first night invitation

We have heard about Marriage invitations;Birthday invitations and even death anniversary invitations.But had you heard about an invitation to wedding night.Dont blame us ..we are not speaking any non-sense here.

Surendra from Darbharevu who hails from West Godavari district got a stunning idea and he invited people for his wedding night.Surendra posted a public invitation to attend and bless for his First Night.Surendra called himself as a warrior who is readying for the war.

People customarily follow the tradition of arranging first night as a secret ritual but Surendra wants to make it an open affair by inviting people.Friends, don't giggle in fun. Bless the warrior for real victory.

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