You are at KCR's Sudden Love for Andhra Settlers!

KCR's Sudden Love for Andhra Settlers!


It is very well known that the Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao angry at the Seemandhra settlers in Telangana region blaming them as the reason for backwardness of Telangana people.

Shockingly, yesterday he made few lovely comments that are sure to please the Seemandhra settlers in Hyderabad or the Telangana region. KCR made it clear that the word settler should not be used any where in Telangana again. KCR admitted that during the intense Telangana movement there were some emotional comments that were made and those are to be forgotten.

KCR said "All those staying in Telangana region are Telugu people and my government takes responsibility to protect each of them." It has been just six months KCR made comments on Seemandhra people to leave Telangana and not giving them the reimbursement intensive quoting them outsiders. How can Seemandhra people forget it?

You may be wondering the reason for KCR's drastic change? It is all because of the coming GHMC elections that turned crucial for TRS. Previously, TRS bagged only three seats out of the 24 in the GHMC. So, KCR is wooing the settlers who play a key role in the GHMC polls. Will Seemandhras vote TRS?

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