You are at L&T Metro Shock To T-Govt!

L&T Metro Shock To T-Govt!

L&;T Metro again shocks TS Govt!
Now, the TS government gets another big shock from the Hyderabad L&T Metro Rail. It seems that L&T is expecting the Telangana Govt to pay some sort of compensation for the delay of the project in Hyderabad. The concessionaire letter was suddenly leaked to media. 
The company feels that after the state bifurcation the rate has fallen down and feels that Metro Rail project cannot fetch them anything more. However, these issues were settled down calmly and got the works being done. The company is still not satisfied and now demands more.  
Shockingly, L&T has all set to demand 1500 Crore as a damage compensation package from the state government. This is because the project is under PPP model which has the capacity to become in-viable for them. L&T gave suggestion to state govt. that if it cant afford then ask the Central Govt. to grant funds.  
While, L&T has been granted 259 acres of land as a concessionaire to build commercial buildings around the Metro Project. However, the rates have declined and keeps the TS Govt. in depression. So what do you think? Is L&T reasonable in demanding?

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