You are at Man vandalizes Facebook building in Tel Aviv

Man vandalizes Facebook building in Tel Aviv


Facebook's headquarters in Israel which was located in country's capital of Tel Aviv - has been vandalized. The headquarters was vandalized by some people during protest against the social networking website for its failure to delete pages inciting violence against Jews and Israelis.It was attacked by some communal group for having anti-Israel and anti-Jewish content. One of the attacker posted spray-painted graffiti of bloody hand-prints on the company's building, along with the text "blood on your hands."

Gez said in a television interview that the social networking company doesn't take down the pages that call for the murder of Israelis. He also alleged that the company keeps controversial pages online because they were good for traffic.In 2011 Gez legally changed his to name to Mark Zuckerberg after Facebook sent him a couple of letters for violating the company's policies. Gez was caught selling 'likes' to advertisers.

The company sued Gez over a system he created to sell "likes" for posts that users make on the site. Meanwhile Police said no complaint about the graffiti was received and that they were not familiar with the case.

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