You are at Nagaland is the Right Place for Nirbhaya Rapists!

Nagaland is the Right Place for Nirbhaya Rapists!


As Whole India suffering to re collect horrific Delhi Bus Rape Incident again in form of BBC Documentary 'India's Daughter' ., Nagaland punished a Rapist severely in public. Obviuosly., it came on everyone's mind that Nirbhaya Rapists also should be treated so. As Indian Government and System is so tolerant to bare to see the faces of those rapists and happy enough to give permission to raise their voice., indians doen's have that much patience towards them.

If for 10 mins the rapists can get bail/parole., people will punish them with they deserved.The Juvenile, one among the Nirbhaya Rapists is getting released this december. Hope he will get his part from public.

After the incident., they got a chance to live 2 years on this earth itself is a big Crime.And those monsters still doesn't show any regrets for what they did and talking as if it was normal 'to do thing to a Woman'.what else shame India need?

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