You are at Karnataka sets up virtual control room in Chennai

Karnataka sets up virtual control room in Chennai


Karnataka has set up a control room in Bengaluru that would be a virtual communication bridge to coordinate relief and rescue in flood-affected Chennai. P Manivannan, the head of Karnataka Urban Water Supply Development Board (KUWSDB) has set up a team of 15, working round-the-clock to collaborate with his colleagues in Chennai and help coordinate relief operations.

"We are a team of 15, working 24x7. We pass information from the needy to the rescue teams. We also continuously check which of the helplines numbers being published are actually working. We have the advantage of being able to communicate with senior civil servants and other officials involved in the relief operation, in their personal capacity, apart from the NGOs and volunteers. Please use our services, to reach the rescue teams and to communicate flood related information to anybody. Our WhatsApp number is 9880655555, Telegram Messenger number is 7259760333, and landline number is 080 40001000 (12 lines)."

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