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Does Jr NTR Follow His Father On TDP Membership?

Will NTR take Party Membership?

Before the elections some sort of cold war was happened between Nandamuri Hari Krishna and Chandrababu and that was known to many. Now Harikrishan seems to be realized completely.A day after the result of elections Nandamuri Harikrishna came to TDP supremo Chandrababu Naidu's residence to congratulate him over the historic victory in 2014 General Elections.

Now he surprised all the party MLA’S by actively participating on Membership drive.Harikrishna renewd membership at NTR trust Bhavan by attending personally.Now a new discussion has started on political circles and that was about Jr NTR’S membership.

Most of the TDP leaders and cadre started to wonder whether Young Tiger will take the membership or not.Earlier there were rumors that Harikrishna forced NTR to stay away from TDP but now Harikrishna himself participating in party activities it doesn’t make sense if NTR refrain from his Grand Father’s party.

 Actually, Rift between Nandamuri and Nara Camps began with TDP Mahanadu where Nara Lokesh was given more prominence than Jr NTR. Harikrishna is reportedly unhappy with Naidu for promoting his son Lokesh as his successor as he is keen to see his son Junior NTR taking reins of the party.

 The gap only got widened with flexi controversy on Vijayawada where some YSRCP banners shown NTR photo.Even during the recently concluded Mahanadu the posters did not bear pictures of any Nandamuri family members other than Balayya.

Lets see whether NTR makes his way to TDP office after returning from Shooting in Goa.

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