You are at Election Commission request to public about Jana s...

Election Commission request to public about Jana sena!

Power Star Pawan Kalyan launched his new political party 'janasena' on March 11 at Hitex of Hyderabad. Later, he kept himself away contesting the general elections. He supported TDP and BJP in the elections and helped his part t get them into power.Later he became mum and not appeared anywhere in political scenario. 

His long period of inactivity had left people wondering what exactly the actor turned politician has in mind, considering the fact that he was quite vocal about several issues while he was campaigning for Telugu Desam and BJP during the elections that were held earlier this year. Recently he release pres note about warning imposters who misusing his party name.

Now once again Janasena hits headlines and this time with a press note from EC. Its known that recently Pawan has applied for registration of his party with Election Commission of India(ECI).Now the process of 'janasena' getting recognition at election commission picked up momentum. Today the Election commission released press note on the party by asking concerns of Public.The EC will be taking objections against 'janasena' party till 23rd of this month.
Janasena is likely to get EC's recognition before the end of this month.  In his application to election commission, Pawan Kalyan named himself as the chairman, B.Raju as the general secretary and M.Raghavaiah as the treasurer of the party.

The party office address mentioned as Plot No.91, Second Floor, Banjara Hills in Hyderabad.Pawan Kalyan had launched Jana Sena Party on March 11 this year at a public meeting held at Hitex in Hyderabad.

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