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Why Cyclone is Named As Hudhud?

Why This Cyclone is Named As Hudhud?

Hudhud is a name of a bird, which is in fact the national bird of Israel. As per the details, Hudhud has been suggested by Oman country cyclone analysts. It seems that the international weather forecasting organization took few names from cyclone analysts and the respective nations needs to pick the names in alphabetical order.

This trend is stated to be in action right from 1900 and now, Indian government kept the name Hudhud for the cyclone, as per the list. Few Indian weather experts too included few names in that directory of International weather forecasting organization.

As per the latest reports, the cyclone affect is on peaks in Vizag area while few places in the Godavari Districts too faced major affect from the Hudhud cyclone. Stay tuned for the latest reports on this cyclone.

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