You are at 'KCR Personal Agenda behind TV9, ABN ban'

'KCR Personal Agenda behind TV9, ABN ban'

An all party meeting on the issue of TV9 and ABN ban allegedly by MSO's appealed to Telangana Assembly speaker to pardon the channels that had apologised for their telecasting of a prejudiced satirical program.

The MIM, BJP and the TDP representatives who participated in the meeting held in the assembly today said there was no ground for continued ban even after three months. The ban on Tv9 and ABN in the 10 Telangana districts touched the 100 days today causing huge financial loss to the media houses.

TDP leader Revanth Reddy said that the conspiracy was hatched by KCR to ensure that his personal channel T News was elevated to No-1 and thus banned the No1 Channel to make way for his channel.

'There is a huge commercial conspiracy and urged that Telangana CM should coordinate with MSO's to find out their grievance and settle the issue,' he said.

The CPM Telagnana secretary Tammineni Veerabhadram has condemned the ban on TV9 and ABN as an undemocratic and heinous crime on press freedom.

A media protection convention was also held at Sundarayya Vijnan kendra where prominent media personalities, Telangana leaders participated. 

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