You are at Pawan Kalyan challenges KCR once again

Pawan Kalyan challenges KCR once again

We have seen actor cum Politician Pawan Kalyan taking head on head with TRS Chief K Chandra Sekhar Rao during the political campaign of the last elections. KCR too equally responded harsh on the Jana Sena President. Pawan Kalyan was silent after the elections working on his film commitments and staying relatively away from Politics. 

However Pawan Kalyan continues to challenge KCR. This morning the enumerators have reached Pawan Kalyan's house seeking the details for the Intensive Household Survey being undertaken by the Telangana government. He reportedly took the forms from the enumerators but refused to participate in the survey. Similar incident occurred at Vijaya Shanti's residence. 

It is known that the former MP is breathing fire on KCR and TRS with whom she worked together for several years. Enumerators who went to both their houses stated that both of them politely refused to participate in the survey but they will once again try to get their surveys. 

Over 369,000 state government employees, including police and teachers, will conduct the survey across 10 districts of Telangana and survey 8.4 million households, according to government estimates. The Telangana government has already issued order allocating Rs.20 crore (Rs.2 crore for each district). Government is planning to wind up the entire exercise in 12 hours (8AM to 8PM today).

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