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Did BJP Ignored Botsa!

When ex PCC chief Botsa Satyanarayana was asked if he was joining TDP, he gave a rather interesting reply.

He started out by saying why would BJP want a person like him who had lost during the recent elections. Also, he did not get any feelers from BJP he said.

Well, does this mean that if BJP invites him or if any BJP leaders approach him, would he be willing to join BJP? 

However, Botsa severely criticized those who were behind burning the farms of people who refused to part with their lands.

He demanded that the names of those involved in the incident must be made public ASAP. Botsa also added that if the government fails to name the culprits, then it will be held responsible for the act.

Incidentally, Botsa came to the Congress office after a very long time and participated in the activities there.

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