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Hema Malini blames dead child's father for Dausa car crash

Child's Death: Hema throws the blame on Father!

Days after she was involved in an accident in Rajasthan, actor and BJP MP Hema Malini on Wednesday blamed the father of the girl, who was killed in the mishap, for not following traffic rules.

Four-year-old Sonam was killed while five others were injured when Ms. Hema Malini's car collided with theirs on July 2 in Rajasthan's Dausa district.The victim's father Hanuman Khandelwal alleged that it was Ms. Hema Malini's Mercedes which was speeding above 100 KMPH when his car was hit.

“I feel very sad that Hemaji, an MP, has such a small 'soch' [thinking] that she tweeted that I was not following traffic rules,” Mr. Mahajan, who is convalescing in Trauma Hospital in the Pink City told PTI.

“Big people can say anything from anywhere...If she has courage...she should come before me and say what she has to. I like to know from her one traffic rule that I violated...whether I was driving at very high speed, or whether I was on the wrong side, or I did not give an indicator..or I did not put seat belt”, he said.

“My mistake was that I was driving at a very slow speed and her car was at high speed”, he said, adding, “Why was her driver arrested and released on bail. We have filed the case with the Kotwali Police Station in Dausa district“.


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