You are at Vizag Angry Over Railway Budget!

Vizag Angry Over Railway Budget!


Telugu states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana treated very badly by Railway ministry and the states hasn't got any of the expected treats from the Railway Ministry.

Before the budget it was highly publicized that Vizagis being carved out as a new railway division. But there was no mention about Vizag in the Budget. This have caused the furor among Vizagites and they vented anger on the budget.

Soon after the budget was presented the people of Vizag have raged in fury and vented out their anger coming to streets and shouting slogans against the union government NDA and also the state government TDP. Some said that BJP-TDP backstabbed VIzag people for voting them in a overwhelming manner. They shouted slogans and carried placards "Go Back BJP, TDP MPS".

Visakhapatnam people have been waiting since long time for a separate Railway Zone for the region. They voted for BJP and helped the party to win with bumper majority . After giving an MP to LS they only hoped it will materialize at least this year but all their dreams were shattered.

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