You are at Just 15 min taken Lord Balaji Darshan at Tirumala

Just 15 min taken Lord Balaji Darshan at Tirumala


All devotees visiting Tirumala can have darshan of Sri Venkateswara Swamy just within fifteen minutes during the night time. Heavy incessant rains for over a week submerged several areas in Tirupati and Tirumala disrupting normal life in the temple town and the number of visitors were reduced to all time low.
33,498 devotees worshiped the lord yesterday and as per reports it was all time low. They were able to view the shrine in just two hours of wait in day time. During the night hours, they were able to worship the lord in just fifteen minutes.Tirupathi has been receiving heavy downpour of rain in the past few days. This has caused the large rocks on the second mountain of Tirupathi to collapse and fall down.

The sudden, heavy cloudburst, which began at Tirumala early on Wednesday, continued for hours together, inconveniencing devotees. Devotees avoid traveling during night time due to falling of rocks, and hence there is a significant decrease in total number of devotees here. Devotees were also left stranded at various places including Annadanam complex, cottages, tonsure centres, reception counters as well.

This is claimed to be a historic scenario in Tirupathi, say officials at the temple.Due to the rains, the collection to Thirupathi hundi was reduced to Rs 1.24 crore.

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