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Bangalore schoolgirl was gangraped by two gym instructors, say police

In a new twist, Bangalore Police on Tuesday said it has arrested two gym instructors for allegedly gangraping a six-year-old girl at a public school some weeks ago. Police ruled out direct involvement of school's skating instructor in the crime.

The complaint of rape has turned out to be a case of gangrape after the arrest of two more persons in the Vibgyor High School case, Police Commissioner MN Reddi said, reported PTI.

The alleged incident had occurred at Vibgyor High School on July 2, but the complaint with police was lodged by the victim's parents on July 14.

Reddi said the two accused - Lal Giri and Wasim Pasha - both gym instructors, were arrested on Monday night and booked under Section 376D of Indian Penal Code (intercourse by any member of the management or staff of a hospital with a woman in that hospital).

Police said the arrests were based on circumstantial evidence.

Relevant sections under Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO) have been also invoked against them, he said.

This is the fourth arrest in the case after those of school skating instructor Mustafa and its Founder-Chairman Rustom Kerawalla.

Reddi said investigations have ruled out the direct involvement of Mustafa, who was held by police as a suspect based on "circumstantial evidence available at that point of time."

Initially, police had announced that Mustafa was the main accused.

Police sources the faces of the alleged rapists were captured by a CCTV camera but the visuals were grainy.

Both Pasha and Giri were working for the school for three years.

DCP crime Abhishek Goyal said because the incident was reported by a child, police look "at a larger frame of time".

"We have got the exact picture as to what happened. The child was not locked up in the room on the day it happened. The incident did take place on school premises."

Reddi said that with the arrest of Giri and Pasha, Bangalore Police have solved the case that had evoked a public outrage and led to severe protests.

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