You are at Capital Woes: This Too Is A Rented Place?

Capital Woes: This Too Is A Rented Place?

The States Re organisation Act 2014 decided that Hyderabad will be the common capital of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh for 10 years. It is a known fact that the two states evolved due to this Act. Hence, during the time of UPA government, Sivaramakrishnan Committee was set up to look into finalizing an appropriate place for the development of new capital. In fact, the Committee will soon submit its report. Even as people are gearing up to know which city finally makes it to the finishing line, the Andhra Pradesh government has indicated that Vijayawada might be the temporary capital before the new capital is finalized. Now, many are wondering as to what the real reason behind this new move could be. In the past, Kurnool was Capital. Then, the focus shifted to Hyderabad. Now, Vijayawada is under the radar. Seemandhra people are wondering as to where the focus would shift next. Of course, no official announcement has been made regarding Vijayawada being the temporary capital. But Seemandhra people are wondering if Vijayawada is the rented home, then when will they get to see the new home? Well, we cannot blame them as the new capital city would mean more employment opportunities, government offices and various other establishments. This would mean employment to thousands or even lakhs of people. Given this backdrop, there is increasing demand that offices be brought into Vijayawada, even temporarily, so that people can make the most of this rented place.

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