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An NRI Shopkeeper recalls stabbing incident

An Indian Origin shop keep was stabbed multiple times before his teenage daughter in the West Midlands region of England during November 2014. Despite multiple stabbings, the shopkeeper is alive and recently he had an interaction with media. He said to media, "It just wasn't my time to die." Narinder Sidhu who is fondly called as Sid, owns a fish and chips shop in Oldbury. He was stabbed five times and left for dead. But he is alive now. Since the attack in November 2014, Sid kept a low profile. This is the first time he gave an interview.

Speaking to Sunday Mercury, he said, "I guess this was not my time to kick the bucket." Sidhu is 52 years old and he is survived by his wife Balwinder and daughter Simran and Supreet. Simran and Supreet are aged 18 and 16 respectively. The person who attacked him, Leon McTaggart was sent to prison by July'15. He is serving Jail treatment for 14 years. McTaggart who is 29 years old went to shop to buy a meal and he turned violent all of a sudden. Siddhu recalls the incident and said he went a major surgery with five stab wounds.

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