You are at 2 KG Cannabis in Cherlapally, officials shocked

2 KG Cannabis in Cherlapally, officials shocked

The special team comprising 20 officials drawn from various jails conducted the checks at Charlapally central prison till today early morning. the incident proving There is no end to the nefarious activities within the four walls of prisons.

Recent times many illegal activities had put Charlapally jail in news. Starting from cellphones to prisoners and finally Cannabis smuggling. in early checks it identified that jail inmates were reportedly using mobile phones, feasting on biryani and enjoying facilities usually not allowed in a prison. Now in a surprise shock Chralapally jail witnessed for Cannabis supply as well. The amount of  cannabis shocked all the jail officials. Now they are in busy to find out who was behind this.

In addition to that officials found a cell phone along with SIM card near to a agarbatti's manufacturing unit in the jail. Officials trying to trace call data details to check illegal acitvity details which performed through the cell.

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