You are at Maharashtra CM will be BJP Candidate!

Maharashtra CM will be BJP Candidate!

Maharashtra CM will be from BJP: Amit Shah

BJP President Amit Shah opined Modi wave has crushed opponents in Maharashtra and Haryana. "Modi wave has crushed opponents, it's a big win for us & victory of the common man. Poll verdict historic. It is a victory of the people of Haryana and Maharashtra and of the thousands of party workers. We have moved two steps ahead in making India 'Congress-mukt Bharat'. It has been proved beyond doubt that people in India consider Narendra Modi their undisputed leader. I assure you we will keep all the promises we have made. Thanks to the people of Haryana and Maharashtra," he told while responding to election results.

On the question who will be the Chief Minister in Maharashtra, Amit Shah commented, "We didn't break the alliance with Shiv Sena. We will form the Govt and CM will be from BJP. NCP has offered unconditional support from outside but it has not talked of an alliance."

Rahul Gandhi accepted the verdict and congratulated BJP for the victory in Congress-ruled states. "We accept the verdict of people, people have voted for change. I congratulate BJP," he commented.

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