You are at Cost Cutting for AP Ministers

Cost Cutting for AP Ministers

Cost Cutting for AP Ministers -->

Sandwiched between funds crunch and poll promises made, the AP Finance minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu has banned five star comforts, air travel, new vehicles and foreign tours of officials and ministers.

In a circular and guidelines demanding austerity and economy measures in government the finance minister also advised to do away without sourced staff, reduce hired vehicles, ban on foreign visits of ministers and officials. There shall be no additional non plan expenditure in any of the govt departments other than the one already allocated in the budget.

Finance Minister Yanamala told this correspondent at Lake view guest house that any relaxation of the above has to be done only by the CM. 'All the guidelines are applicable to both panchyat raj and local body institutions, state level undertakings, universities and grants in aid institutions' he said.

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