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Will BJP Says ‘Yes’ to Siva Sena?

BJP government is now moving close to break relationship with Siva Sena. From the past few years, Siva Sena has been the main support to BJP in Maharastra. BJP’s success in Maharastra is mainly because of the support of this party. Now, Siva Sena came up with a proposal of 119 - , which is not according to the terms of BJP.

“Will BJP says ‘Yes’ to this proposal or will it go for break up?” turned out to be an interesting topic. If BJP goes for break up, it will be a disaster for the party in Maharastra. Even few senior BJP leaders were advising the party to go ahead with Siva Sena, without breaking the tie-up.

BJP further gave the decision completely to Modi as he is the one who made BJP win in 2014 elections. Modi fever is already there in Maharastra and there are chances for BJP to go for break up with Siva Sena. We have to wait for some more time to know the intention of Modi and BJP on this aspect

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