You are at A Businessman bid Modi suit for 1 Cr!

A Businessman bid Modi suit for 1 Cr!


Prime Minister Narendra Modi's controversial suit that bears his name in gold pinstripes, which he wore at a meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama set for auction in Surat.As per reports a businessman has bid Rs. 1 crore for Narendra Modi's "name-striped" suit.The suit went on sale along with more than 450 other gifts he has received after becoming PM.

Competition was very high to win the suit. The first bid for Rs. 51 lakh was put in by a BJP leader named Rajubhai Agarwal.But Suresh Agrawal, a textile businessman, has doubled that offer and bids for more than one crore.Interested buyers can bid till 5 pm on Friday. The money generated from the auction will be utilised for the 'Clean Ganga Mission'.

Modi wore the suit just once and it created lot of controversy days before. Photographs of the suit on a closer inspection showed that the stripes were actually tiny letters spelling out his name in full-- Narendra Damodardas Modi--and embroidered on the fabric vertically down the stripe.The suit will be auctioned along with 455 items that Modi had received as gifts.

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